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Healing Therapy (90 minutes) IDR 500.000
This therapy will give a taste of Sacred Balinese Healing. The treatment can be specific to the clients physical or emotional concerns, or you can just go with the flow and allow Darma to treat via his healing intuition. Blockages are assisted to open and release tension and stress via energy reiki, massage, specific stretches and breathing techniques to help you feel lighter, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Lymphatic Aesthetic (60 minutes) IDR 300,000
The absorption of toxins happens through food, medication, and our body’s exposure to pollution. Over time this can affect our body causing poor blood circulation, digestive issues, sensitivities, and allergies among others. A optimal functioning lymphatic system will assist to prevent inflammation, weight gain and illness. A lymphatic massage treatment helps the body’s detoxification process to eliminate the excess fluid and toxins and improve blood circulation. Regular treatments will ensure continuation of efficient detoxification and elimination to help achieve health and wellness goals. When the body works better everything works better, your energy, your sleep, your mood, your gut. This massage is a combination of various massage techniques. Darma knows the right points of the body to be pressured, using thumbs, fingers and hands to improve blood flow and open detox pathways.
It is not recommended to eat within 2 hours of the massage treatment.
Lymphatic Massage is highly recommended after long flights when the body has remained stagnant and been exposed to dehydration.
This is not a relaxing massage

Foot & Hand Reflexology (60 minutes) IDR 250,000
Specialized foot and hand massage assists in relief of stress and tension. This technique is based on the premise that the body contains energy or “Chi” that constantly flows through channels or zones. These channels unite to form the reflex points on the feet and hands (which are related to the nervous system). Reflexology improves blood circulation and brings the nervous system to its natural state of equilibrium.

Deep Tissue Massage (60 minutes) IDR 250,000
Deep tissue massage techniques are used to break up scar tissue and physically break down muscle “knots” that can disrupt circulation and cause aches and pains, limited range of motion, and inflammation. Common contracted areas are a stiff neck and upper back, sore shoulders, lower back pain, leg muscle tightness. At the beginning of a deep tissue massage, lighter pressure is generally applied to warm up and prepare the muscles. This is followed by slow strokes and deep finger pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues. The aim is to release the tight muscles to improve recovery, reduce pain, improve mobility and posture and even reduce anxiety.

Deep Relaxation Massage (60 minutes) IDR 250,000
Traditional relaxing Balinese massage that has been handed down through generations. This technique of using long strokes, completed with acupressure points, relaxes and renews the body.

A peaceful place in Ubud for healing, relaxing and renewing you. Our treatment can assist with all life problems such as stress, low energy, irregular sleep, muscle tension, nervous system, anxiety, headache, trauma, acne, etc.

Intuitive Blind Healer (60 – 90 minutes) IDR 1,200,000
An extraordinary highly skilled healer who has a gifted intuitive awareness and touch. During each individual session she assess and assists with emotional and physical issues and may make recommendations for appropriate herbs to treat various conditions. This may include her families secret herbal oil blend that has been passed down from her grandfather, a Balinese healer. Accompanied by an assistant both women work harmoniously to realign and release any blocked energy pattern through body work or reflexology. The session could take 60 until 90 minutes depending on individual assessment. With translator assistant the healer will provide suggestions related to health and well being.

Healing Therapy (90 minutes) IDR 800.000
Darma the Balinese healer from generation to generation continues his family tradition to cure illness and continue his destiny as a therapist and healer, He graduated from anatomy and body massage school in 2010 and is a meditation and Reiki practitioner. He worked as a therapist at 5 star hotels such as Maya Ubud and Mandapa Ritz Carlton Reserve from June 2006 until June 2017. This therapy using intuitive massage technique combine with Energy Reiki and breathing technique will give you a taste of Sacred Balinese Healing and leave you in a relaxing and rejuvenated state.

Foot Massage (30 minutes) IDR 70,000
Good for tired feet and jet lag legs

Anti Stress Massage (30 minutes) IDR 70,000
Massage for those who suffer from stress, this treatment focuses on areas that tension affects such as the back, neck, face and shoulders

Tension Relief Massage (30 minutes) IDR 70,000
Massage that concentrates on your back, neck and shoulders to relieve tension and reduce stressed muscles.

Balinese Full Body Massage (60 minutes) IDR 120,000
Traditional relaxing massage that has been handed down through generations. The technique of using long strokes, completed with acupressure points, renews and strengthens the body.

Reflexology Massage (60 minutes) IDR 120,000
Specialized foot and hand massage assists in relief of stress and tension. This technique is based on the premise that the body contains energy or “Chi” that constantly flows through channels or zones. These channels unite to form the reflex points on the feet and hands (which are related to the nervous system). It is believed to improve blood circulation and bring the nervous system to its natural state of equilibrium.

Aromatherapy (60 minutes) IDR 150,000
This is a combination of sense, smell and touch to achieve a healing effect on the whole body. A selection of essential oils will be presented to you to choose, then a pressure point massage will leave you calm, balance and relaxed.

Warm Stone Massage (60 minutes) IDR 150.000
Pamper yourself with 60 minutes healing massage technique, using heated stone as natural healing to relax your muscle and improving blood circulation.

Rejuvenating Facial (60 minutes) IDR 150.000
A rejuvenating facial using natural, fresh ingredients such as cucumber, papaya, honey, yogurt, avocado and virgin coconut oil. Includes face, neck, shoulder and head or foot massage

Biokos Facial (60 minutes) IDR 150.000
Using Biokos product made from seaweed extract. Good for sensitive and normal skin types. Includes face, neck shoulder, head or foot massage

Javanese Royal Lulur Ayu (100 minutes) IDR 250.000
Enjoy traditional Balinese Massage for 60 minutes, followed by your therapist polishing your body with the lulur to remove dead skin cells, refreshing and smoothing your skin. Next cooling yoghurt will be applied to moisturize the skin. On completion, it is time to completely relax in a 15 minutes flower bath accompanied by complementary fresh organic juice and healthy fruits

Chocolate Scrub (100 minutes) IDR 250.000
Chocolate will always boost your mood! Begin with traditional Balinese Massage for 60 minutes, and then the therapist will polish your body with chocolate cream that is mixed with traditional herbs and rice. This rejuvenates the skin to delay premature aging and wrinkles so that the skin will fell smooth and soft. Follow up with a 15 minutes flower milk bath to further moisturize your skin deepen your relaxation

Balinese Boreh Scrub (100 minutes) IDR 250,000
From centuries until now, people throughout Indonesia, and especially Bali, use this treatment as part of their daily lives. A potion-like paste is made from very traditional ingredients, a blend of herbs and spices which include cloves, ginger, galangal mixed with rice that actually warms the body and has a healing effect. It is recommended if you are feeling unwell or tired after a particularly hectic day to calm the body. The treatment begins with a 60 minute Balinese Massage followed by the Balinese Boreh and then completed with a 15 minutes herbal bath.

Green Tea Scrub (60 minutes) IDR 120.000
Made from the blend of green tea mixed with rice and aromatic sandalwood, this scrub is used to remove dead skin cells and this rejuvenate the skin, making it look brighter.

Manicure (60 minutes) Price 100,000
Pedicure (60 minutes) Price 100,000
Manicure & Pedicure 90 minutes IDR 180,000
Additional Nail Art IDR 40,000 per nail.

All prices are including tax

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